Do you feel like showing off your dance moves as you ring in the New Year? Sign up for these competitions:


Mix & Match Lindy

In this competition, dancers will be randomly drawn to dance to several songs of varying styles and tempos. In the final round, dancers will be randomly assigned a partner and be judged as a couple as they dance in a spotlight format, followed by an all-skate

Open Lindy

This level is open to all advanced and amateur couples. In the preliminary round, dancers will dance to songs for 90-seconds in multiple heats with increasing tempos. Couples will advance to the showstopper final round that consists of a warm up, spotlight, and an all-skate.

open balboa

This level is open to all advanced and amateur couples ready to show off their fancy shuffle steps to 90-seconds of fast tempo music. The final round will feature a battle style competition where two couples, at a time, will compete for the winning trophy.

open shag

This level is open to all advanced and amateur dancers that are ready to dazzle the audience with their collegiate shag moves. The preliminary round will consist of two 90-second songs with increasing tempos. The final round will light up the couples’ footwork with the fastest tempo of up to 240 BPM!